You have around 20 minutes to contain a Russian APT attack

By Catalin Cimpanu for Zero Day | February 19, 2019

Governments and private organizations have around 20 minutes to detect and contain a hack from Russian nation-state actors.

New statistics published today by US cyber-security firm Crowdstrike ranked threat groups based on their “breakout time.”

“Breakout time” refers to the time a hacker group takes from gaining initial access to a victim’s computer to moving laterally through its network. This includes the time the attacker spends scanning the local network and deploying exploits in order to escalate his access to other nearby computers.

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One in three enterprises can’t protect themselves from data breaches

By Charlie Osborne for Zero Day | February 13, 2019

One in three enterprise companies do not believe they have the capabilities required to fend off a cyberattack leading to a data breach, research suggests.

According to a survey involving over 600 cybersecurity professionals in business conducted by Balbix on behalf of the Ponemon Institute, organizations are having severe difficulties in implementing modern security solutions to keep their information protected.

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UK Shipping Firm Clarkson Falls Victim to Cyber Attack

“Nov 29 (Reuters) – British shipping services provider Clarkson Plc on Wednesday said it was the victim of a cyber security hack and warned that the person or persons behind the attack may release some data shortly.

The company’s disclosure, while a relatively rare event in Britain, follows a series of high-profile hacks in corporate America.

Clarkson is one of the world’s main shipbrokers, sourcing vessels for the world’s largest producers and traders of natural resources. It also has a research operation which collects and analyses data on merchant shipping and offshore markets.”

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Your Ship has Probably Been Cyber Attacked Already

“(ECDIS Ltd.) – I predict that the first catastrophic maritime cyber incident will not be the result of a direct attack on a safety critical specific piece of equipment. It will be the result of an infection on a random PC, perhaps an unassuming email to a crew member, whose PC is either connected to the vessels internal ‘super highway’ or he transmits the infection internally whilst it lies dormant. Crypto locker, or Ransomware software (used by thousands of hackers) are easily available to download on the dark web, neither of which may necessarily attack the equipment they infect, they can lie dormant and infect connected equipment when nobody expects. You have been warned! Watch the video link at the end of this article to see an attack on maritime equipment in real time.”

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Russia Accused of Jamming GPS Signals During Major NATO Wargames | Breitbart

Russia has been accused of disrupting the satellite signals vital to the operation of the Global Positioning System (GPS) during a major NATO military exercise last week, moving the Russian government to deny involvement.

“The ability to receive GPS signals — the near ubiquitous U.S. satellite system widely used in both military and civilian applications for navigation — was impaired by a significant jamming effort across northern Finland last week, as the largest NATO wargames since the end of the Cold War took place in the area.”

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