“The 50,000 ships sailing the sea at any one time have joined an ever-expanding list of objects that can be hacked.” Keith Martin And Rory Hopcraft, The Conversation


Offering the full range of cybersecurity services for your vessel, port or fleet.


“Nearly 80% of large U.S. maritime industry companies (more than 400 employees), and 38% of all industry . . . reported that cyber attackers targeted their companies within the past year.”   Jones Walker LLP Maritime Cybersecurity Survey

“The U.S. maritime industry is sailing too close to the wind when it comes to cybersecurity.” Andrew Lee, partner at Jones Walker and one of the co-authors of the Maritime Cybersecurity Survey White Paper

“Security researchers have for years been warning the maritime industry that it is low hanging fruit as incredibly high-value cargo is transported on ships with legacy systems, combined with poor processes and awareness, while the seaports they dock in often suffer from the same problems.” Tamlin Magee, Techworld

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